Personalised Maps

Image from Once Wed.

I fell in love with this personalised map of a wedding. No more misprints or rectangles vaguely resembling buildings to direct your guests to your wedding venue. The colours are nostalgically reminiscent of school days and this adds to the homemade appeal.

To those who are elvish inclined:

Image from: The Offbeat Bride

A little hand-drawn gem inspired from Mr. Tolkien himself.

Not into Middle Earth? How about a trip around the Seven Seas with yer hearties. Who’s with me say Aye!

Image also from The Offbeat Bride.

If you be wanting to have a grog fest with plenty of rum and swaggering pirates and wenches, make sure your mateys know which ship to plunder with these treasure worthy maps.

If I received any of these, I’d go to the event just to find my way there and to put these beauties to the test. :)