I <3 Macarons!

If it isn’t obvious enough for you, I have this huuuuge fascination with Macarons.

[ via Bakerella and from Tartelette who makes AMAZING macarons! Read more about the process of making Macarons at Bakerella’s website! :)]

Not to be confused with Macaroons which are those coconut cookies, these beauties are French in origin. Luscious creams are sandwiched between crispy meringue-like shells that break into heaven-like sweetness at the first bite. They come in a variety of flavours and in a myriad of colours. I sigh in ecstacy whenever I see them and immediately whip out the wallet to purchase them.

[image via Chocolatesuze who loves Macarons too. Pictured are Adriano Zumbos’s lip-smacking creations]

Oh how I long for some of my own. These babies are reknowed for their difficulty in constructing. Unless you follow all the instructions down to minute details, you will most probably fail on the first few attempts. And unless of course you’re miraculously gifted at baking then kudos to you. However, I do wish I could attempt them one day. And I know just what might push me to do it:

It’s SO cute and it gives out handy tips as well as a step-by-step guide with pictures for the uninitiated. I’m sure it would be a great buy for those who are interested. :)

What I Wore Today

Every fashionista is jumping on the ‘Outfit Post’ bandwagon where they post what they’ve worn on their own blogs or own sites like Chictopia or LookBook. It’s a great way for these stylish trendsetters to showcase their skills and as a medium to express themselves with their clothes. It also serves as a resource for other people looking for fresh new ideas to prep up their wardrobe.

However, there are the few who love profiling what they’ve worn and even recorded in detail the ensembles they’ve put together but….are just too darn shy to put any photos of themselves up. So, how do they overcome this shyness? No, not by covering their faces. After all, those womanly curves or manly biceps could still be discerned and *gasp* identified. The answer would be…to draw yourself of course!

[image via Notebook Doodles who has really adorable sketches and doodles! She also has a lot of inspiring quotes. Thank you!]

I found a Flickr pool called The What I Wore Today (drawings only!) pool through NotebookDoodles. As its name reveals, it only showcases illustrations of people and their outfit posts. It still allows total creativity but allows one to stay as anonymous as possible. So go check them out, and perhaps include some of your images as well! ;)

[image by Katie Green…cute yeah? Her blog has even more cuter illustrations and even MORE outfit posts! Thanks Katie!]

Bookbook for MacBooks

A gorgeous way to carry around your Macbook.

The Bookbook is a laptop sleeve from Twelvesouth. Made to look like a hardback novel, this stylish case was designed specifically with the Macbook in mind. Not only does it serve as awesome eye candy, it’s also practical enough to protect your laptop with its soft interior and hardy exterior. Besides that, people would be fooled into thinking it’s just your reading assignment rather than your computer. ;)

I’m sure if your laptop fits the dimensions of the Macbooks, it would be right at home in this novel *cough cough* creation.

[image via Twelve South]

ps: And here’s a bonus for all you Apple geeks: the iTable coffee table. Enjoy!

Garden Cocoons

I know I promised I’d find those luscious swing sets I’ve been drooling over but I never actually got round to it. However, I came across something much cuter. These Garden Cocoons by the Cocon Centre. Yes, unfortunately it’s not in english but you can look at some pretty pictures and some basic descriptions at DigsDigs.

I think it’s perfect for snuggling on a bright and crisp spring day or to stargaze in the arms of your loved one.

Or perhaps, you’d rather sit quietly and enjoy nature while having your ‘Alone Time’.

They’re absolutely gorgeous. You can mix and match the fabrics and there are four models or sizes to choose from. I can just imagine having one of these by the pool with tall glasses of lemonade by my side. :)

[all photo credits go to the Cocon Centre]

An Awesome STD Video!

For those of you who think STDs mean something oozing from your privates, I’d have to dispel that notion by saying it also means Save The Dates. That would be referring to weddings of course.

Usually, couples would send out STD cards about a year or so before their wedding. It’s just a reminder to well, save the date. It’s not really considered a proper invitation. Those will be sent out a few months prior to the actual wedding. That given, I probably would not be spending money on STDs. Unless of course, they’re kickass like THIS:

Now how awesome is that? It’s like an action romance comedy. Love the whole concept of it and I’m pretty sure all their guests would be looking forward to the actual event. Hell, I’m not invited and I’M excited for them!

Congratulations to Jeff and Erin!

[via Offbeat Bride]

Something to Give You Hope

Now if you’re ever feeling blue or things get too much to handle, maybe all you need is a fresh perspective on life. Maybe what you truly need are a few anecdotes that will Give You Hope just like the ones listed on the GMH website.

So go ahead, don’t wallow in your pain. Read the sweet stories that provide people with so much inspiration and love to carry on with their lives. Discover human nature and the miracles it can achieve with simple acts of kindness. Shed a tear or two at how other people can turn misfortune into happiness and contentment. I assure you, you’ll feel much grateful for your life at the end of it. :)

Click GivesMeHope.

ps: My fave one?

I recently rung up a young boy and his mother. When he saw me at the register, wearing a hijab, he grinned broadly at me. As they were walking away afterwards, he tugged on his mom’s sleeve and said,

“Did you see her, ma? She’s gorgeous! I bet that’s why she’s all covered up.”


DIY Drawer Hangers and some Dream Furniture

Now here’s handy tip. Right before you throw out your old drawers to replace them with something brand spanking new from Ikea, why don’t you recycle them as clothes hangers? Simple and cheap. Want more? Head on down to Design*Sponge for complete instructions.

Now up next would be a couple of things I wish I could have in my future home.

Saves space and provides room for decor too. :)

No scratch that. THIS is the bookcase I want. Oh yeah.

[both pictures via Mochatini]

Oh and this in the hallway or living room.

[via Absolutely Beautiful Things]

Okay. Maybe I’ll post more later. I wanted to put up a photo of a swing set but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. But I gotta tell ya, it was gorgeous! :D It’s not those kiddie-ish rope and tyre swings. I’m talking about lush sofas with beautiful canopies dusted with soft cushions. :) If I find them (or if anyone knows where I can see piccies of them, let me know) I’ll post them up.

Cute Babies

[via PlanetAwesomeKid. All credits go to the mother of this sweet kid. Can’t find her name.]

Look at this cutie pie! Her wide eyes, those sky-high lashes and those rolls of pudge on their arms. Sigh.

Besides all those people who hate children, don’t you just melt looking into those eyes? Doesn’t she make you wish you could have one of your own? No? Just me? Ok, right.

I’ve been perusing PlanetAwesomeKid for the 13 millionth time today and I can’t help but sigh at all the cute kids. I wish I was stylishly dressed at that age. Now, I guess I could use this website as inspiration for all the future kiddos I intend to have. Or at least a source of gift ideas for my nieces and nephews. Or perhaps just for a new form of entertainment much like that site CuteOverload. :D

DIY Valentine’s Folder

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I know some of you would like to save some cash and give something more heartfelt than a box of chocolates. Although, you can never go wrong with confectionery for women. ;) If you have some time to spare and you want to get hands on with your gift, here’s a cute idea from Princess Laserton (one of my all-time favourite crafty bloggers).

You can use it to hold love letters, stationary, gift cards and the like. You can make it for yourself or for your Valentine. Like the Princess suggested, you can even lay out all the materials on the table and have your kids, siblings, nieces and nephews make their own craft project to give to their favourite person in school. :)

So what are you waiting for? Crack out those unused papers and unleash your inner artist!

Gamaliel and Audrey

Now how cute is this? A brother-sister tag team on Youtube singing their favourite songs. Three reasons why I love them:

1. Their voices are amazing! Sounds very velvety to me. :) They’ve even got that whole improv thing going on and it sounds pretty good!

2. They’re Indonesian! Makes me extremely proud of my roots. They even have a song about Indonesia on their page.

3. They sang my favourite Disney song of all time:

That was the clincher. Seriously, how could I not like a fellow Disney enthusiast? :D So go ahead, enjoy the sweet sounds of Gamaliel and Audrey.