Cupcake in a Jar

I apologise for the sudden disappearance. Flew back home and had lots of family bonding sessions. I’m also currently missing my guy heaps which made trudging through cute stuff less appealing. LDR isn’t fun most of the time but we make it work just like how most of my friends do. :)

Anyway, back to our usual broadcast of cuteness. *ahem*

picture via CakeSpy.

Salivating yet? If you want to bake your own cupcakes as gifts to friends, the safest way for it to travel would be in these cute Mason jars. How gorgeous do they look, all snugly fit into that box of coloured paper? And how yummy are they covered in rainbow sprinkles and topped with luxuriously smooth chocolate frosting?

CakeSpy has some handy tips and a step-by-step guide from Beantown Baker to those who wish to deliver some sweet comfort food to their loved ones.

So go ahead, grab your oven mittens and send some loving to your friends and family!