Website Love: Adventures In Love and Happiness

This one is for all the hopeless romantics out there and the non-believers.

Adventures in Love and Happiness

I stumbled upon this site while I was searching through random craft/wedding/photography blogs. Boy, did it make me sigh and grin widely. She posts a lot of cute and pretty things like photos of food, crafts and furniture. And some random photos she takes herself too. But my favourite part of her blog HAS to be this little segment called:

Real People In Love

It shows a lot of couples who have been together with various timelines but are all committed to each other and still going strong. It made me believe that true love, loyalty, butterflies in tummy goes hand-in-hand with hard work and plenty of compromise. It’s good to know that there ARE good couples out there who make things last. Not necessarily because they’re soulmates, but because they want it to and they work hard at it. Another thing I love is that most (if not all) of them mention that they’re in love with their best friend and being married or engaged to someone that close to you equals to a lot of laughs and plenty of fun.

If you’re reading this, keep on with the awesome segment Cole. It’s very inspiring and such a delight to read. Thank you for bringing these wonderful relationships to light. Good luck with your wedding and marriage! :)

Snazzy Decoder STDs

Remember I wrote about the kick-ass STDs awhile back? Well, here’s another Save the Date reminder that breaks the mould of pretty calligraphy and floral motifs.

photo from Kellan Studios

Pretty cool isn’t it? Reminds me of my childhood where I would dig into the cereal box to get my awesome glasses just to solve the puzzles on the back of the box while I finish my breakfast. What I’m imagining now is getting some invites that would utilise those 3-D glasses. Wow, that would certainly be in lieu of all the latest blockbuster movies.

Beverage Inspired Notebooks

photo from Bold Ideas.

Here’s something to complement your favourite drink. Notebooks that were inspired by the colours of popular beverages at really affordable prices. Each piece is made from recycle paper and would look right in place at a cafe where you could doodle, write or sketch in it while you sip the corresponding drink.

photo also from Bold Ideas.

On the plus side, the art shots for the products are cool. Look, the one above even has Pa Thong Go or Cakoi! A delightful donut sold in Thailand and Malaysia which I sorely miss having late at night with Pandan custard. :)

Bold Ideas has a few more items on sale such as cute totes and pencil cases. They also have a blog and have already been featured by a few design blogs such as Design*Sponge and Creature Comforts. Do head on down and take a look and perhaps send some of those notebooks hither. :D

Jeweled Brooch Bouquets

Tired of the same predictable bridal bouquets filled with roses and Hydrangea? Want something that would last forever instead of a few days? Allergic to real flowers but want something classy to dazzle your guests?

Here’s the answer for you:

photos by Alice Hu via Memoirs of a Wedding Planner.

These bejeweled beauties are handcrafted by Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Design. Each bouquet is carefully made according to the bride’s preference and they can even opt to pick each piece of jewellery themselves. Some may even choose to insert their own heirlooms to bring a personal and nostalgic touch to their bouquets. Amanda predominantly provides fresh floral bouquets for special occasions. Her work with flowers are just as exquisite as they are with brooches, so go ahead, take a peek. :)

Another place you could secure such elegant floral pieces would be Noaki Jewellery.

image from Noaki Jewellery.

Much like Fantasy Floral Design, Noaki is able to create custom bouquets according to specific requirements from brides. Family heirlooms, foraged treasure, you name it. She also makes gorgeous earrings and necklaces to complement your bouquet. Head on over to her site for more lovely treats!

It would be great and probably more eco-friendly to have brooch bouquets rather than fresh flowers. The fact that you could personalise it with your own jewellery makes it even more special and a nostalgic reminder of the past. I’d definitely consider this as an option for my wedding, not just for the classy factor but also to ensure I can retain something from my special day forever.