Weather Watch Fashion: Capes & Ponchos

It’s raining heavily where I am right now so a healthy dose of Pinterest is due. :)

I came across a new fashion staple for the changing season: capes and ponchos. Perfect for those experiencing fall and for us experiencing torrential downpours that’s a welcome relief from the usual hot balmy weather.

To be honest, at first I couldn’t figure out the difference between the two as both styles were labeled similarly on online catalogs. So, I decided to rummage through my brain back to my elementary school days and I happened to recall that:

Cape: a piece of cloth that’s longer in the back and can be tied or fastened at the neck.

-Classy right? When I’m a yummy mummy I’d wear this. It’s from Lanvin.-

Poncho: a piece of cloth that’s Mexican in history, has a hole in the middle to slip your head through and when worn, has the triangle side in front and at the back.

Isle of Sky Poncho by Wooden Ships via Free People

-Oh SOOOO comfy!-

Yes. I did learn all this in elementary school. Okay maybe it was with the help of Wikipedia. :B

Capes and ponchos serve the purpose of keeping us warm without sacrificing style at the same time. In fact, brides who want a little cover up while being able to show off their stunning dress can opt for a beautiful lacy number, like these ones from The Knot:

 Bridal capes via The Knot

And look! Kim K is looking absolutely hot in hers!

Kim Kardashian via Outfit Identifier

Lastly, the one other thing I like about capes and ponchos is how versatile they can be across the whole year. It just depends on the material they’re made out of. Heavy wool for winter, lighter knits for fall and chiffon or silk for spring and summer. Just like this one:

-Just GORGEOUS. Perfect to wear over a bikini at the beach.-

Have I converted you yet? Jumping on the bandwagon already? I have. In fact, I have a poncho of my own lying in the pile of clothes I call my closet. I’ll definitely have to pull it out this rainy season. Perhaps I’ll scour the internet for a cape of my own soon too. ;)

Which do you prefer, the cape or the poncho?

Minty fresh, Teal I’m Green.

Lately I’ve been pretty obsessed with colored jeans. This just means I spend hours online perusing websites selling brightly hued pants without actually you know, purchasing them. I asked a few friends and some of them were aghast as to why I’d even THINK of decorating my pins with anything other than black or blue. I remember how I used to make fun of my bestie’s purple cord pants. In retrospect, they probably weren’t that bad and I’m clearly aware that I’m eating my own words now. ;)

Out of all the shades on the color wheel, I felt particularly drawn to the mint green and teal varieties. They’re not too far from the norm yet they don’t truly fit in either.

Alas, these prized pants are not easy to find. Nevertheless, here are some of my favorites:

Asos Petite Mint Green Skinny Jeans. This one reminds me of candy and sweet sherbet. Definitely my fave.

Modcloth Bookish Babe Jeans in Aqua. These are more blue than they are green or mint green so I think I’d pass this one.

Perhaps for something a bit ‘louder’, these green pants from Modcloth look great too:

Modcloth Days of Bold Pants

After much mulling over, I realized that even if I were to score one of these awesome finds, I probably would only wear them once. It’s the shyness in me, you see. Now, Brightly colored MAXI SKIRTS on the other hand, I LOVE. I have a few sitting in my closet and on my wish list but we’ll save that for later, yes?

What do YOU think of colored pants? Yay or nay?