Of Death, Infinities and Stars


Picture Credit: Urban Dinosaur

I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the book “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green but I, of course, put off reading it. Lately I tell myself there are always better work related things to do than spend the weekend snorting into tissues and being emotionally overwhelmed by other people’s love stories. So I did what other normal people would. I caught the movie instead. Man.


Wow. This movie/book is not just about love. It’s about death and life. I mean it in that order because these protagonists receive their death sentences first then commit to live their lives while they can. How many of us take these things for granted?

I loved it to the point that I couldn’t sleep.

We all have our epic love stories but in the end, they’re only relevant between the lovers themselves. I have my infinity too. Like how Hazel and Gus have their limited time, I have my long winding road with multiple hurdles. No matter what, even if everyone tells you “What’s the POINT?”, you’ll just have to continue to love. Love like there’s no tomorrow. Love like there’s no one around.

Love like this was God’s last and best gift to you.

And Gus’ idea about leaving an impact, a name when you die. I’ve always thought about that too. How unaccomplished I am, how much more I can actually do and how people will actually remember me as. But I guess if I can change the life of even just one person or even one cat, that would be enough. Because someone knows my value. Something knows my capability to love and to do good. That is enough. In the end, it’s not people who keep score.

God has His own way of keeping tabs on things.

There were just too many great take home messages in the movie. I think I’ll curl up with the book during the Eid holidays. If you haven’t watched or read it, you should. If you have, let me know your favourite parts and perhaps we can share a box of tissues. :’)


Website Love: Adventures In Love and Happiness

This one is for all the hopeless romantics out there and the non-believers.

Adventures in Love and Happiness

I stumbled upon this site while I was searching through random craft/wedding/photography blogs. Boy, did it make me sigh and grin widely. She posts a lot of cute and pretty things like photos of food, crafts and furniture. And some random photos she takes herself too. But my favourite part of her blog HAS to be this little segment called:

Real People In Love

It shows a lot of couples who have been together with various timelines but are all committed to each other and still going strong. It made me believe that true love, loyalty, butterflies in tummy goes hand-in-hand with hard work and plenty of compromise. It’s good to know that there ARE good couples out there who make things last. Not necessarily because they’re soulmates, but because they want it to and they work hard at it. Another thing I love is that most (if not all) of them mention that they’re in love with their best friend and being married or engaged to someone that close to you equals to a lot of laughs and plenty of fun.

If you’re reading this, keep on with the awesome segment Cole. It’s very inspiring and such a delight to read. Thank you for bringing these wonderful relationships to light. Good luck with your wedding and marriage! :)

Something to Give You Hope

Now if you’re ever feeling blue or things get too much to handle, maybe all you need is a fresh perspective on life. Maybe what you truly need are a few anecdotes that will Give You Hope just like the ones listed on the GMH website.

So go ahead, don’t wallow in your pain. Read the sweet stories that provide people with so much inspiration and love to carry on with their lives. Discover human nature and the miracles it can achieve with simple acts of kindness. Shed a tear or two at how other people can turn misfortune into happiness and contentment. I assure you, you’ll feel much grateful for your life at the end of it. :)

Click GivesMeHope.

ps: My fave one?

I recently rung up a young boy and his mother. When he saw me at the register, wearing a hijab, he grinned broadly at me. As they were walking away afterwards, he tugged on his mom’s sleeve and said,

“Did you see her, ma? She’s gorgeous! I bet that’s why she’s all covered up.”



Just stumbled upon this song on a wedding photographer’s website. It’s super sweet!

I made the boyfriend listen to it just now and he looked down at me while the song was playing in the background to say ‘Shaheera Djafar, I am in love with you’. That was when I started crying. Hahahaha.

I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear someone special say that to me with such honesty and emotion in their eyes. And I finally got a man I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with who loves me wholeheartedly too. :D

Oh yes. So here it is. The song that moved me to tears. Enjoy!