The Sky’s The Limit

Sky Series by Eric Cahan

I came across these beautiful pictures awhile back and they keep drawing me in every time I log on the computer. I have to admit, I have a thing for clear skies and the gradual change of color over time. It’s truly awe-inspiring to stare up and watch as the shades slowly morph into a different hue.

My favorite memories involve sunsets in particular. Ending my weekly jog at the top of the hill in Kingsford to watch as the fading sun slip past the Sydney skyline, leaving a trail of dark blues above me. There were also the times in Bali where the skies were painted with glorious pinks and purples. I caught my breath every time it happened, especially when I could see the colors reflected in the cool ocean.

I love sunsets and these pictures so much that I think I’ll model my wedding color scheme around them. Yes. That would indeed be perfect. Perhaps I’ll go the full spectrum from turquoise to purple to orange and ending it in pink.

What do you think? Would it be too much of an overkill? :B


Thar she blows!

I’m back! After an extremely long hiatus, I decided to come back and post about some of my favorite things.

I’m going through choppy waters now so I thought I’d keep myself afloat by indulging in some cute thoughts and pictures. Want to join me on the ride? Let’s go!


A few nights ago I dreamt of a Narwhal. Yes. A huge, magnificent NARWHAL. What’s a Narwhal? Well, imagine if a unicorn and a killer whale had a baby. That baby would be the coolest whale on the planet.

Anyway. It was just amazing to see him break through the water, spraying a fine mist up towards the atmosphere. His smooth, gray skin was tinged pink and orange from the sunset. It was such a glorious moment, that I squealed in delight. I distinctively remember exclaiming “It’s a NARWHAL! I will write a story about a narwhal one day!”. Sigh.

Now I will have to make this dream into a reality because I don’t think my heart can rest until I’ve actually met a Narwhal.

Oh and I’m pretty sure the dream was partly because of this beautiful, almost ethereal painting. I can’t for the life of me know who it belongs to, I surely didn’t do it. If you know who the artist is, please let me know. The picture is too beautiful not to share. Oh and please don’t copy and paste this and claim it as your own.

Jeweled Brooch Bouquets

Tired of the same predictable bridal bouquets filled with roses and Hydrangea? Want something that would last forever instead of a few days? Allergic to real flowers but want something classy to dazzle your guests?

Here’s the answer for you:

photos by Alice Hu via Memoirs of a Wedding Planner.

These bejeweled beauties are handcrafted by Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Design. Each bouquet is carefully made according to the bride’s preference and they can even opt to pick each piece of jewellery themselves. Some may even choose to insert their own heirlooms to bring a personal and nostalgic touch to their bouquets. Amanda predominantly provides fresh floral bouquets for special occasions. Her work with flowers are just as exquisite as they are with brooches, so go ahead, take a peek. :)

Another place you could secure such elegant floral pieces would be Noaki Jewellery.

image from Noaki Jewellery.

Much like Fantasy Floral Design, Noaki is able to create custom bouquets according to specific requirements from brides. Family heirlooms, foraged treasure, you name it. She also makes gorgeous earrings and necklaces to complement your bouquet. Head on over to her site for more lovely treats!

It would be great and probably more eco-friendly to have brooch bouquets rather than fresh flowers. The fact that you could personalise it with your own jewellery makes it even more special and a nostalgic reminder of the past. I’d definitely consider this as an option for my wedding, not just for the classy factor but also to ensure I can retain something from my special day forever.

Cupcake in a Jar

I apologise for the sudden disappearance. Flew back home and had lots of family bonding sessions. I’m also currently missing my guy heaps which made trudging through cute stuff less appealing. LDR isn’t fun most of the time but we make it work just like how most of my friends do. :)

Anyway, back to our usual broadcast of cuteness. *ahem*

picture via CakeSpy.

Salivating yet? If you want to bake your own cupcakes as gifts to friends, the safest way for it to travel would be in these cute Mason jars. How gorgeous do they look, all snugly fit into that box of coloured paper? And how yummy are they covered in rainbow sprinkles and topped with luxuriously smooth chocolate frosting?

CakeSpy has some handy tips and a step-by-step guide from Beantown Baker to those who wish to deliver some sweet comfort food to their loved ones.

So go ahead, grab your oven mittens and send some loving to your friends and family!

I <3 Macarons!

If it isn’t obvious enough for you, I have this huuuuge fascination with Macarons.

[ via Bakerella and from Tartelette who makes AMAZING macarons! Read more about the process of making Macarons at Bakerella’s website! :)]

Not to be confused with Macaroons which are those coconut cookies, these beauties are French in origin. Luscious creams are sandwiched between crispy meringue-like shells that break into heaven-like sweetness at the first bite. They come in a variety of flavours and in a myriad of colours. I sigh in ecstacy whenever I see them and immediately whip out the wallet to purchase them.

[image via Chocolatesuze who loves Macarons too. Pictured are Adriano Zumbos’s lip-smacking creations]

Oh how I long for some of my own. These babies are reknowed for their difficulty in constructing. Unless you follow all the instructions down to minute details, you will most probably fail on the first few attempts. And unless of course you’re miraculously gifted at baking then kudos to you. However, I do wish I could attempt them one day. And I know just what might push me to do it:

It’s SO cute and it gives out handy tips as well as a step-by-step guide with pictures for the uninitiated. I’m sure it would be a great buy for those who are interested. :)

Bookbook for MacBooks

A gorgeous way to carry around your Macbook.

The Bookbook is a laptop sleeve from Twelvesouth. Made to look like a hardback novel, this stylish case was designed specifically with the Macbook in mind. Not only does it serve as awesome eye candy, it’s also practical enough to protect your laptop with its soft interior and hardy exterior. Besides that, people would be fooled into thinking it’s just your reading assignment rather than your computer. ;)

I’m sure if your laptop fits the dimensions of the Macbooks, it would be right at home in this novel *cough cough* creation.

[image via Twelve South]

ps: And here’s a bonus for all you Apple geeks: the iTable coffee table. Enjoy!

Garden Cocoons

I know I promised I’d find those luscious swing sets I’ve been drooling over but I never actually got round to it. However, I came across something much cuter. These Garden Cocoons by the Cocon Centre. Yes, unfortunately it’s not in english but you can look at some pretty pictures and some basic descriptions at DigsDigs.

I think it’s perfect for snuggling on a bright and crisp spring day or to stargaze in the arms of your loved one.

Or perhaps, you’d rather sit quietly and enjoy nature while having your ‘Alone Time’.

They’re absolutely gorgeous. You can mix and match the fabrics and there are four models or sizes to choose from. I can just imagine having one of these by the pool with tall glasses of lemonade by my side. :)

[all photo credits go to the Cocon Centre]