Of Death, Infinities and Stars


Picture Credit: Urban Dinosaur

I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the book “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green but I, of course, put off reading it. Lately I tell myself there are always better work related things to do than spend the weekend snorting into tissues and being emotionally overwhelmed by other people’s love stories. So I did what other normal people would. I caught the movie instead. Man.


Wow. This movie/book is not just about love. It’s about death and life. I mean it in that order because these protagonists receive their death sentences first then commit to live their lives while they can. How many of us take these things for granted?

I loved it to the point that I couldn’t sleep.

We all have our epic love stories but in the end, they’re only relevant between the lovers themselves. I have my infinity too. Like how Hazel and Gus have their limited time, I have my long winding road with multiple hurdles. No matter what, even if everyone tells you “What’s the POINT?”, you’ll just have to continue to love. Love like there’s no tomorrow. Love like there’s no one around.

Love like this was God’s last and best gift to you.

And Gus’ idea about leaving an impact, a name when you die. I’ve always thought about that too. How unaccomplished I am, how much more I can actually do and how people will actually remember me as. But I guess if I can change the life of even just one person or even one cat, that would be enough. Because someone knows my value. Something knows my capability to love and to do good. That is enough. In the end, it’s not people who keep score.

God has His own way of keeping tabs on things.

There were just too many great take home messages in the movie. I think I’ll curl up with the book during the Eid holidays. If you haven’t watched or read it, you should. If you have, let me know your favourite parts and perhaps we can share a box of tissues. :’)


4 thoughts on “Of Death, Infinities and Stars

  1. This post was very pretty. (If that makes sense…it’s a compliment! It just reads so nicely!) The book is great (better than the movie, but that’s just my opinion) because the thoughts and emotions of the characters just shines through more strongly. I also think Isaac and Hazel’s friendship is emphasized more in the books.

    • Wow! Thank you for the compliment! :)

      Ah, looks like I HAVE to get the book and read it then. I really do think Isaac is a great character but I suppose there wasn’t much time to develop it in the movie. I cried buckets during his eulogy reading for Gus. Thanks again for your opinion!!

  2. I’m afraid the movie didn’t do much for me :( I didn’t even take out my tissue! Shailene Woodley was great (a leap for her acting since her young Secret Life of the American Teenager days) & the story itself and the core thought was incredible. But I felt overall, it was a bit awkward and not in a quirky way. And my heart is NOT made of stone – I promise! I cry a lot during other movies, TV shows & books :P

    However, a friend said there were much deeper connections, insights, and school of thought in the book, so I’m looking forward to that :D

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