Travel Wishlist: Paris

Source: via maryy on Pinterest


One of my sweethearts is in Paris for the month. As messages bounce back and forth between us, my longing to pack up and go travel has ballooned immensely. Ah, to be able to breathe in foreign air and view the Eiffel Tower up close. She showed me a picture of the Arc de Triomphe and I have to be honest, a tear or two started rolling down my face.

These feet are aching to trudge across foreign lands, these eyes are pining for fresh new sights and these lips long to part for luxurious new tasty treats. I meant food, of course. :)

It came to a point where I started filtering through AirBnB for accommodation in Europe and narrowing them down to my proposed budget and needs. Even though my finances aren’t quite fit enough for such a trip.

Nevertheless, this has indeed pushed me to work harder. This is something I really want. Scratch that. Something that I really NEED. So wish me luck that my hopes become a reality!


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