Thin Rings

If you’ve ever seen me in real life, you would know I’m pretty small. Petite as they call it. My wrists and fingers are teeny which unfortunately means that I can’t parade them in chunky rings or men style watches. I seriously have a fetish for huge watches like the ones from Nixon but my arms would drown in them. Likewise with chunky rings, my fingers look half their length.

Which is why, I tend to gravitate towards slim rings. I know not many women covet this style as they look somewhat *ahem* inexpensive compared to the standard engagement or wedding bands. Nonetheless, this just means I get to break free from the norm. :D

I fell in love with this one by catbird:

Simple and elegant. It’s in rose gold which makes it even sweeter. Yellow gold reminds me of haughty ladies while white gold tends to be too polished for me.

For a little punch of color, these babies from Tulajewelry would be just perfect:

She uses different types of gold as well as gems. Her diamonds are even conflict free, a criterion I look for in jewels.

These on the other hand, aren’t your standard polished or glamorous rings but they snagged my heart nonetheless. Check out these Hammered Bands by 8CTO:

I think these are my favorite. They come in Copper, Silver, Antique Brass or Gold finish and are stackable. I love how ‘unfinished’ they look. It gives a raw, ancient Greek kind of vibe. As if Hephaestus himself crafted these beauties.

Now…all I need now is to hint to a certain someone about these rings. :D Post Valentine’s gift, yes?

Well actually, I already have one with me that holds such special meaning  hiding in its jewel claws. That’s what’s important to me about rings and jewelry. The story behind each one. Not the price, not the trend but the immense emotional value they hold.

Hope you lovely ladies find your own special piece one day. :)

*all photos are by their respective crafters*


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