Website Love: Adventures In Love and Happiness

This one is for all the hopeless romantics out there and the non-believers.

Adventures in Love and Happiness

I stumbled upon this site while I was searching through random craft/wedding/photography blogs. Boy, did it make me sigh and grin widely. She posts a lot of cute and pretty things like photos of food, crafts and furniture. And some random photos she takes herself too. But my favourite part of her blog HAS to be this little segment called:

Real People In Love

It shows a lot of couples who have been together with various timelines but are all committed to each other and still going strong. It made me believe that true love, loyalty, butterflies in tummy goes hand-in-hand with hard work and plenty of compromise. It’s good to know that there ARE good couples out there who make things last. Not necessarily because they’re soulmates, but because they want it to and they work hard at it. Another thing I love is that most (if not all) of them mention that they’re in love with their best friend and being married or engaged to someone that close to you equals to a lot of laughs and plenty of fun.

If you’re reading this, keep on with the awesome segment Cole. It’s very inspiring and such a delight to read. Thank you for bringing these wonderful relationships to light. Good luck with your wedding and marriage! :)


2 thoughts on “Website Love: Adventures In Love and Happiness

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful feature! I started “Real People in Love” as a Valentine’s feature and loved it so much that I had to continue it!
    Thanks again for the kind words!

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