Beverage Inspired Notebooks

photo from Bold Ideas.

Here’s something to complement your favourite drink. Notebooks that were inspired by the colours of popular beverages at really affordable prices. Each piece is made from recycle paper and would look right in place at a cafe where you could doodle, write or sketch in it while you sip the corresponding drink.

photo also from Bold Ideas.

On the plus side, the art shots for the products are cool. Look, the one above even has Pa Thong Go or Cakoi! A delightful donut sold in Thailand and Malaysia which I sorely miss having late at night with Pandan custard. :)

Bold Ideas has a few more items on sale such as cute totes and pencil cases. They also have a blog and have already been featured by a few design blogs such as Design*Sponge and Creature Comforts. Do head on down and take a look and perhaps send some of those notebooks hither. :D


4 thoughts on “Beverage Inspired Notebooks

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  2. First up, this is a really informative post! I’ve got a big question bothering me, I really love the layout of your site and tried to install the same layout on my WP website. However, there is some kind of strange php error in the footer. Do you have any hints, what version are you using? Please PM me on Twitter @ThaiStuz or via e-mail.

    • Thank you!
      Hmm..I may not be the best person to ask that. I just picked it on WP and it turned out fine for me. Sorry!

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