What I Wore Today

Every fashionista is jumping on the ‘Outfit Post’ bandwagon where they post what they’ve worn on their own blogs or own sites like Chictopia or LookBook. It’s a great way for these stylish trendsetters to showcase their skills and as a medium to express themselves with their clothes. It also serves as a resource for other people looking for fresh new ideas to prep up their wardrobe.

However, there are the few who love profiling what they’ve worn and even recorded in detail the ensembles they’ve put together but….are just too darn shy to put any photos of themselves up. So, how do they overcome this shyness? No, not by covering their faces. After all, those womanly curves or manly biceps could still be discerned and *gasp* identified. The answer would be…to draw yourself of course!

[image via Notebook Doodles who has really adorable sketches and doodles! She also has a lot of inspiring quotes. Thank you!]

I found a Flickr pool called The What I Wore Today (drawings only!) pool through NotebookDoodles. As its name reveals, it only showcases illustrations of people and their outfit posts. It still allows total creativity but allows one to stay as anonymous as possible. So go check them out, and perhaps include some of your images as well! ;)

[image by Katie Green…cute yeah? Her blog has even more cuter illustrations and even MORE outfit posts! Thanks Katie!]


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