An Awesome STD Video!

For those of you who think STDs mean something oozing from your privates, I’d have to dispel that notion by saying it also means Save The Dates. That would be referring to weddings of course.

Usually, couples would send out STD cards about a year or so before their wedding. It’s just a reminder to well, save the date. It’s not really considered a proper invitation. Those will be sent out a few months prior to the actual wedding. That given, I probably would not be spending money on STDs. Unless of course, they’re kickass like THIS:

Now how awesome is that? It’s like an action romance comedy. Love the whole concept of it and I’m pretty sure all their guests would be looking forward to the actual event. Hell, I’m not invited and I’M excited for them!

Congratulations to Jeff and Erin!

[via Offbeat Bride]


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