Something to Give You Hope

Now if you’re ever feeling blue or things get too much to handle, maybe all you need is a fresh perspective on life. Maybe what you truly need are a few anecdotes that will Give You Hope just like the ones listed on the GMH website.

So go ahead, don’t wallow in your pain. Read the sweet stories that provide people with so much inspiration and love to carry on with their lives. Discover human nature and the miracles it can achieve with simple acts of kindness. Shed a tear or two at how other people can turn misfortune into happiness and contentment. I assure you, you’ll feel much grateful for your life at the end of it. :)

Click GivesMeHope.

ps: My fave one?

I recently rung up a young boy and his mother. When he saw me at the register, wearing a hijab, he grinned broadly at me. As they were walking away afterwards, he tugged on his mom’s sleeve and said,

“Did you see her, ma? She’s gorgeous! I bet that’s why she’s all covered up.”



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