Disney’s Newest Prince

Now, every lady is guilty of having her secret stash of man eye candy. It could be pictures Of Johnny Depp in full pirate attire, or Gerard Butler in a suit, or perhaps Joseph Gordon Levitt with his cardie n headphones. Or if you’re really naughty, you’d have them contraband pictures. Uh-huh, you know what I mean. ;)

And if you’re wondering what my eye candy is, this would be it:

Image sourced from Disneylicious and is by David Kawena (who is a GENIUS).

I’m sorry if I just polluted the minds of many innocent girls out there. And I suppose it wouldn’t be right showing almost nude men to my readers. But I firmly stand on my belief that if he’s animated, then it wouldn’t be counted as being dirty, no? Haha. Well, do enjoy ladies. Women deserve the right to perve too. ;)


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