15 Random Caffeine Facts!

I’m one of those people who just looove coffee. I used to not be able to function without my daily dose every morning before class. Nowadays I try not to indulge more than 3 cups a week (or five *shrugs*). Something about mutagens and very concerned boyfriends.

I love my Lattes but I didn’t know that a Breve contains the same ratio of espresso:milk:foam as a latte but uses Half and Half instead of milk. I also didn’t know that Muslims were responsible for the rise of coffee dominance. :) All this I learned from…Ta-Da!:

That’s from The Oatmeal which houses tons of cute comics with lots of info on the most random things.

Check it out! Oh and I also love their ‘What Bears Love’. :D

[via Didn’t you Hear..]


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